Ice Skating, Ice Hockey & Ice Curling


Winter sport "on the rocks" has become a trend again: ice skating fans of all ages get together for fun-filled holidays on ice – accompanied by music at the ice rink in Obergurgl. As it is a very elegant activity off the beaten tracks, ice skating makes a great alternative to Alpine skiing or snowboarding!


Opposite of the old St. Bernhard's mountaineers chapel and a spacious ice rink nestles into the Obergurgl mountain slope. During the days ice skaters can float across the ice and enjoy the view of the glacier giants and in the evening the rink is floodlit. A drink at the Sportsbar Ice-berg is the perfect treat afterwards. Bavarian ice curling is getting increasingly popular: groups of 8+ persons can book the rink also outside of the regular opening times.

Ice Skating Rink Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

Opening Times: daily in the afternoon, closed on Sundays
Where: Sportsbar ice-berg in Obergurgl
Ice skate rental: Sportsbar ice-berg
Curling stone rental: Sportsbar ice-berg
Ice Skating Rink closed

Ice skating adults: € 3,00
Ice skating children: € 2,00
Ice skates: € 3,00
Ice curling: € 6,50

Sportsbar ice-berg
Arnold Kuen
T + 43 (0)699 127 422 34