ORTOVOX Safety Academy Lab

Just in time for the season's first snowflakes ORTOVOX has developed a new dimension in avalanche hazard prevention. The new, interactive website under the name SAFETY ACADEMY LAB offers avalanche tutorials, interactive learning tools and plenty of useful information on avalanches – about their origins and the right behavior in risky situations.

Safety Academy Lab Website

Preparation is the best off-piste safety measure

Every year 120 people die in avalanche accidents in the Alps. The new SAFETY ACADEMY LAB will try to decrease the number of avalanche accidents by promoting preventive measures and information campaigns. On the one hand prevention happens through off-piste Avalanche Camps, like the ORTOVOX SAFETY ACADEMY, and on the other also at home on your computer.

The avalanche  experts are interested in more than just selling safety products, the discussion revolves around a complete safety package: appropriate equipment, expert knowledge and information, elementary training units in order to reduce risks. The implementation of the entire package is supported by Germany's VDBS Association (mountain & ski guides), Lawinenwarndienst Tirol und Bergwacht Bayern.

Experts close-by

Among the most important SAFETY ACADEMY LAB units are video tutorials produced by real pros like Rudi Mair and Patrick Nairz from Tirol's Avalanche Warning System (Europe's most renowned avalanche experts), experienced mountain rescue teams, mountain guides, free-riders and people who survived an avalanche accident. Top-class information is presented in an easily understandable way, showing descents of huge avalanches and many other pictures provoking goose bumps. Nine videos give an insight in avalanche theories, including the origin of avalanches and the right use of safety equipment.