Today 23.05.2018

Temp max. 13°C
Temp min. 4°C
Sunshine max. 3 h
0° Level 3100 m

Thursday 24.05.2018

Temp max. 14°C
Temp min. 5°C
Sunshine max. 3 h
0° Level 3400 m

Friday 25.05.2018

Temp max. 16°C
Temp min. 6°C
Sunshine max. 7 h
0° Level 3600 m

Saturday 26.05.2018

Temp max. 17°C
Temp min. 7°C
Sunshine max. 7 h
0° Level 3700 m

Sunday 27.05.2018

Temp max. 17°C
Temp min. 7°C
Sunshine max. 7 h
0° Level 3200 m

Lifts in Operation

Obergurgl 0 of/ 12
Hochgurgl 0 of/ 9
Total 0 of/ 21

4-day Forecast

The difficult weather situation without clear structures will continue beyond midweek. Due to a small influence of low-pressure over West- and South-Europe temporarily humid and showery air will be directed to the Alpine regions. The high-pressure areas over North-Europe are too far away from our regions, subsequently they will hardly interfere with the weather over our regions. Besides sunny phases thundery rain showers are occasionally expected too. Unfortunately, the computers cannot predict reliably, where and when the rain showers will occur. The highest risk for showers is expected in the afternoons, evenings and nights. Friday promises more settled conditions, increasing temperatures and longer sunny spells. Early summer weather is expected. The summer weather will probably continue next weekend.