Today 20.10.2017

Temp max. 12°C
Temp min. 6°C
Sunshine max. 8 h
0° Level 3400 m

Saturday 21.10.2017

Temp max. 13°C
Temp min. 3°C
Sunshine max. 6 h
0° Level 3400 m

Sunday 22.10.2017

Temp max. 6°C
Temp min. 1°C
Sunshine max. 0 h
0° Level 1900 m

Monday 23.10.2017

Temp max. 2°C
Temp min. -3°C
Sunshine max. 0 h
0° Level 1600 m

Tuesday 24.10.2017

Temp max. 6°C
Temp min. -2°C
Sunshine max. 0 h
0° Level 2700 m

Lifts in Operation

Obergurgl 0 of/ 12
Hochgurgl 0 of/ 9
Total 0 of/ 21

4-day Forecast

The influence of high-pressure will decrease for longer. Extensions of Atlantic disturbances will interfere with the weather at the weekend and starting next week. A short-term onset of winter is expected, the snow line will temporarily sink near 1100m above sea level. Weak extensions of a warm front will brush against our regions on Friday night. Before the arrival of the cold front, a slightly föhny south-westerly wind will result in a brief period of improved conditions on Saturday. Humid-cold autumn weather will settle in on Sunday. The snow line will sink below 1500m above sea level. On Monday, our regions are located behind this cold front in changeable, slightly unsettled north-westerly accumulations. The snow line will be located between 1100m and 1300m above sea level. On Tuesday, the extensions of a warm front will follow. Precipitation is not expected, however, the approaching cold air will be pushed away eastward. New extensions of an Azores high will approach and determine the weather for the rest of the week.