Today 26.04.2018

Temp max. 10°C
Temp min. 4°C
Sunshine max. 6 h
0° Level 2800 m

Friday 27.04.2018

Temp max. 9°C
Temp min. 1°C
Sunshine max. 7 h
0° Level 3000 m

Saturday 28.04.2018

Temp max. 10°C
Temp min. 3°C
Sunshine max. 7 h
0° Level 2900 m

Sunday 29.04.2018

Temp max. 11°C
Temp min. 3°C
Sunshine max. 2 h
0° Level 2800 m

Monday 30.04.2018

Temp max. 7°C
Temp min. 3°C
Sunshine max. 5 h
0° Level 2200 m

Lifts in Operation

Obergurgl 0 of/ 12
Hochgurgl 0 of/ 9
Total 0 of/ 21

4-day Forecast

By the weekend, the airflow over the Alps will turn southward. The warm weather will continue and accompanied by a southerly föhn wind mostly dry air masses will reach us until Sunday, consequently sunshine will continue to determine the weather. Only harmless clouds will interfere with the weather, the amounts of clouds will increase from the south, but not before Sunday. Starting next week, the föhny southerly airflow will get under the influence of a low-pressure area and colder air will approach our regions. However, warmer and dryer air masses will soon reach us, subsequently the early summer weather will continue.