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Gurgl 1.800 m | 3.080 m

Sun, 25.07.2021

Morning Afternoon
10°C 17°C
20%Precipitation risk 50%Precipitation risk

Southerly foehn wind will counteract the instability

Gurgl 1.800 m | 3.080 m

Mon, 26.07.2021

Morning Afternoon
9°C 15°C
40%Precipitation risk 70%Precipitation risk

Southerly foehn wind – thunderstorms will become more likely

Gurgl 1.800 m | 3.080 m

Tue, 27.07.2021

Morning Afternoon
9°C 13°C
50%Precipitation risk 80%Precipitation risk

Southerly foehn wind – thunderstorms will become more likely

Gurgl 1.800 m | 3.080 m

Wed, 28.07.2021

Morning Afternoon
7°C 15°C
30%Precipitation risk 80%Precipitation risk

Risk for scattered thunderstorms

Gurgl 1.800 m | 3.080 m

Thu, 29.07.2021

Morning Afternoon
7°C 16°C
30%Precipitation risk 40%Precipitation risk

Slight risk for showers and thunderstorms

4 days trend

A low is situated over West Europe on Sunday and at the beginning of next week. It will bring us warm but also very unstable air. Moreover, effects of a southerly foehn wind will be noticeable from time to time which will make a detailed weather forecast very difficult. The foehn wind may block out the thunderstorms especially in the inneralpine regions, consequently friendlier conditions may temporarily occur. However, bigger cumulus clouds will interfere with the weather time and time again and locally heavier thunderstorms or rain showers are to be expected in the afternoons and evenings. Towards midweek, a bad weather front will cross our area. It will remain prone to showers, and the temperatures will show a slight downward trend. Be flexible throughout the upcoming days and inform yourself about the expected weather development before outdoor activities.

Day Outlook

Risk for scattered thunderstorms


  Morning Afternoon
Mountain summit3.000 m 6°C 7°C
Mountain2.500 m 13°C 13°C
Obergurgl-Hochgurgl1.930 m / 2.150 m 7°C 15°C


Morning: Moderate

Afternoon: Moderate

Hours of Sun

max. 6 Hours

Precipitation risk

Morning: 30%

Afternoon: 80%

Zero Degree Limit

4000 m