• -1.0°C

  • 83–177 cm

  • 20/25

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Gurgl 1.800m | 3.080m

Mon, 16.12.2019

Morning Afternoon
-4°C 1°C
0%Precipitation risk 0%Precipitation risk

South foehn – very mild Scattered clouds

Gurgl 1.800m | 3.080m

Tue, 17.12.2019

Morning Afternoon
-2°C 2°C
60%Precipitation risk 60%Precipitation risk

Stormy south foehn Weak southerly barrier effects

Gurgl 1.800m | 3.080m

Wed, 18.12.2019

Morning Afternoon
0°C 2°C
40%Precipitation risk 10%Precipitation risk

Still foehny Still mild

Gurgl 1.800m | 3.080m

Thu, 19.12.2019

Morning Afternoon
-1°C 3°C
40%Precipitation risk 50%Precipitation risk

Unchangeable foehny Unchangeable mild

Gurgl 1.800m | 3.080m

Fri, 20.12.2019

Morning Afternoon
-1°C 2°C
70%Precipitation risk 90%Precipitation risk

Stormy south foehn Increasing southerly barrier effects

4 days trend

The weather-determining low-pressure area over the North Atlantic will spread southward, consequently the large-scale current over Central Europe will shift south-west to south for longer. Unseasonally mild air masses will reach us from the Mediterranean region throughout the upcoming days. The main Alpine ridge will be affected by barrier affects affected by cloudy air masses. North thereof a partly stormy south foehn will blow in the mountains, which will produce further increasing temperatures. The southerly barrier effects at the Alpine divide will be rather weak until Thursday, however, this will change afterwards. On Friday and throughout next weekend, the southerly barrier effects will increase and with the end of the foehn wind precipitation will reach the northern edge of the Alps. The temperatures will decrease and the snow line will sink below 1,500 m above sea level.

Day Outlook

Stormy south foehn Increasing southerly barrier effects


  Morning Afternoon
Mountain summit3.000 m -5°C -5°C
Moutain2.500 m 0°C 0°C
Obergurgl-Hochgurgl1.930 m / 2.150 m -1°C 2°C


Morning: Strong

Afternoon: Brisk

Hours of Sun

max. 0 Hours

Precipitation risk

Morning: 70%

Afternoon: 90%

Zero Degree Limit

2000 m

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