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"Tirol's Glacier Village"

The high-altitude location is a fountain of youth for body, mind and soul. Thanks to the bracing climate and the scenic Alpine surroundings you enjoy a splendid journey of discovery: de-stress your life and find your inner balance with a new elixir of life. Both expert alpinists and less experienced walkers can reach their favorite destination – be it a mighty summit cross or a huge glacier field. Many trails start beyond 2000 m altitude. From there picture-book vantage points and panoramic views are just a stone‘s throw away. Daily guided walks and mountain hiking tours.

Obergurgl, 1930 m

The Diamond of the Alps
We warmly welcome you to Tirols unique glacier village at 1930 m altitude. Enjoy the stunning high Alpine scenery, the rare fauna and the glacier wonderworld surrounded by the mighty peaks of the Ötztal Alps. Be it hiking up to 3000 m, mountain walking along romantic paths or discovering the pasturelands - This high Alpine landscape has it all.

Your stay
in this climatic health resort offers wonderful benefits for body, mind and soul. Bracing high Alpine climate and mountains of awesome beauty ensure a truly unique journey to your inner self. Your new elixir of life also comprises de-stressing and speeding down.

Hiking paradise
All mountain paths lead to happiness! Both expert hikers and passionate walkers can choose from an array of routes and tours for all levels and abilities, ranging from easy trails at the elevation of 2000m above sea level to high Alpine glacier tours and mountain peaks. Stunning views and breathtaking vistas included.

Stars and champagne
Two 5-star hotels, more than twenty 4-star accommodations, guesthouses and deluxe apartments await you in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, an internationally renowned winter sports resort. Premium quality, individual flair, irresistible ambiance, and champagne-filled air. Simply the Diamond of the Alps.

Obergurgl-Hochgurgl's pedestrian areas
Obergurgl-Hochgurgl has introduced reduced-traffic zones and banned night-time traffic in Obergurgl to ensure a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere by day and night. Guests can enjoy an even more romantic stay. If you arrive with your own car you have free access to the villages on arrival and departure.

Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. The Diamond of the Alps.

Hochgurgl, 2150 m

In Hochgurgl you can enjoy a unique Alpine Summer with plenty of mountain experiences. The glacier villages in the upper Ötztal valley are located at 2150 m above sea level and make a wonderful paradise for experienced mountaineers and future hikers alike.

Hochgurgl - on top.
6 hotels, a meeting place for stylish people looking for this little extra feeling. Hochgurgl (2150m), on top of the Ötztal Alps, stands for genuine hospitality and charm combined with outstanding luxury in an exclusive setting.


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