Geocaching Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt 2.0 for the entire family

Now kids of all ages should get ready for some memorable treasure hunting tours spread all over the Ötztal. You don't need a GPS device for this kind of treasure hunting tour but a Treasure Hunting Map available in the local Information Offices. And off you go!

On varied Treasure Hunting Routes there are numerous small treasures boxes hidden in the most secluded places. If you find all treasures hidden along the route you return to the local Information Office where you get your personal small treasure as a reward.

Treasure hunt Obergurgl

How to go on a Treasure Hunt?

Following the marked route you will discover small caches (treasure boxes). Each cache contains a riddle. Solve it and write the letter into the right box of your treasure map. Everyone who has found all letters can compose the code word. Knowing the code word, you can pick up a small treasure at the Information Obergurgl where you complete the riddle and recover the treasure. Geocachers can also log their finds on

The route is about 3 km long, walking time 1.5 - 2 hours.


Download Treasure Map Zirbenwald Obergurgl (.pdf)

Obergurgl Stone Pine Forest (GPS-Data):

  • Cache 1: N 46 51.732, E 011 00.954 GPS-Data
    Secret Tip: The first cache is hidden after the fork-off to the via ferrata.
  • Cache 2: N 46 51.613, E 011 00.811 GPS-Data
    Secret Tip: This cache watches the opposite side - an unobstructed view of the Gurgler Ache and Maningen Bach mountain brooks.
  • Cache 3: N 46 51.488, E 011 00.888 GPS-Data
    Secret Tip: A cache perfectly hidden under the roots of one of the two trees which are connected by a stone slab.
  • Cache 4: N 46 51.652, E 011 01.097 GPS-Data
    Secret Tip: This tree and the wall are a single unit, leave the rest of the stones where they are - don‘t move them to another place.
  • Final: N 46 52.220, E 011 01.626 GPS-Data
    Secret Tip: Loads of interesting details and useful information but only one right solution!
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