The secret door to the south

If you drive along the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road, the highest pass of the eastern Alps, you can enjoy a majestic view of the Ötztal Alps and a masterpiece of road construction at the same time. 60 spectacular bends lead to an altitude of 2500 meters - a truly memorable experience especially for cabriolet drivers, motor bikers or mountain bikers. Fantastic vantage points, crystal-clear brooks and steep-ascending rock faces accompany you from the Ötztal valley to the Italian Tyrol. The 60 km drive from Obergurgl to the health resort of Merano only takes about 1.5 hours.

The Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road is a toll road. Toll fees and more detailed information at:www.timmelsjoch-hochalpenstrasse.at/en



Die Timmelsjoch Erfahrung

At several stopping places the traveler can admire architectural sculptures providing detailed information on the region‘s nature, history, culture, society and economy. The unique „Timmelsjoch Drive“ opens up new dimensions at the following stations:

1. „PASS MUSEUM“, Timmelsjoch
2. „GARNET“, Moos im Passeier
3. „FOOTPATH“, Hochgurgl
4. „SMUGGLER“, Timmelsbach Bridge
5. „TELESCOPE“, Scheibkopf



Timmelsjoch bus Line

Timmelsjoch bus line is a cross-border bus connection between Obergurgl (Ötztal) and Moos/St. Leonhard (Passeiertal).Bus Schedule


Timmelsjoch in 3D

Experience Timmelsjoch Pass in 3D

You would like to visit superb Timmelsjoch Pass at home and right now, or show it to your friends? No problem, we have created a spectacular 3-D map of Timmelsjoch Pass. Indulge and enjoy!more Information


Top Mountain Crosspoint

Top Mountain Crosspoint

The Top Mountain Crosspoint in the foothills of the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Pass Road hosts the road  toll station, a state-of the art Mountain Restaurant with table service and Europe‘s highest Motorcycle Museum. Additionally the multifunctional building hosts the base station of the Kirchenkar Mountain Gondola.more information